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5 Tips To Help an Infant Fall Asleep

Posted on 10-29-2014

Occasionally, settling your infant down for the night can be troublesome.

  1. Create a restful bedtime environment: Establishing a peaceful and serene environment will aid in an easier transition to bedtime. A clutter-free nursery, calming colors, low lighting and relaxing music will help your infant peacefully drift off to sleep.
  2. Develop a bedtime routine: A warm bath, infant massage or cuddles in a rocking chair will encourage sleep. Using a consistent routine, the child will learn to associate these activities with bedtime. You can modify it for daytime naps.
  3. Daytime is for eating and playing: Infants are unaware of the difference between night and day. A regular routine will aid them in learning one from the other. Feedings, playtime and stimulation during the day will help your child sleep better at night. Child care experts advise not limiting household activity or light during daytime hours.
  4. Sounds to help sleep: Infants are often soothed by repetitive sounds that may help your child to fall asleep. A ticking clock, sounds of waves on a beach or even the sound of running water can be very effective.
  5. Comforting smells: Pleasant smells work well for calming infants at night. Introduce a variety of scents by placing a scented cloth in your child's room. Vanilla and lavender are often favorites. Be sure to keep any scented items far out of your child's reach.

Give your infant plenty of healthy daytime stimulation to help them sleep at night. Try a park where there are picnic facilities and a walking trail that is stroller accessible.

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