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Tips for a Grumpy-Free Picnic with Kids

Posted on 04-28-2016

Spending time outdoors before it gets unbearably hot is a great option for some quality family time. Even if you have little ones, you can make an outdoor adventure a day that everyone enjoys. The best way to ensure a fun experience for your family is by planning ahead. Any time you leave the house with your kiddos, a great rule of thumb is to keep the outing as simple as possible. Cramming too many activities in to one afternoon can lead to grumpy children and an exhausted parent.

1. Location, Location, Location – In the spirit of keeping it simple, have your outdoor adventure on familiar territory. If you are comfortable with the area, it will take a load off of your mind and allow you to enjoy the day more freely. When your kids are older or whenever you are more comfortable to visit a new place, venture out to a local park or zoo for your picnic festivities.

2. Bring a Friend – Since toddlers and preschoolers always seem to have an inexhaustible amount of energy, it’s a great idea to collaborate with another family so that your children can play together. Not only will your children have a ton of fun together, you will also enjoy some adult conversation while they play – everybody wins! The great outdoors is the perfect place to allow your children to use their imagination, and bringing a friend is sure to create new, unexplored adventures involving space ships and castles and who knows what else!

For more tips, read the full article here: Tips for a Grumpy-Free Picnic with Kids

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